... and now its ME time!

... and now its ME time!

It’s been a long time since someone told me stop, breath and slow down.

And thats what I did one lovely, relaxing day in late December courtesy of my dear friend Emma from His and Hers Magazine.

As the New year approached, I suddenly felt the rush of the past year catch up to me. The return to work after months of maternity leave and the reality of working 24/7 round the clock as mum, cook, cleaner, driver, dog walker, employee (... the list goes on) all hit me and my caffeine ravaged skin like a tonne of bricks. I felt like it was time fake that elusive 'healthy glow' and look like I’ve somehow managed to get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. 

Every morning began the same, with the good intention of juicing up fresh fruit & veg, but the reality always ended in me running out the door with a (very strong) coffee to go. It was when I caught sight of my bedraggled reflection one morning that had me muttering to the pale reflection in the mirror "how the hell did I let myself get this bad??" I couldn’t remember the last time I had time to get my nails done, have a hair-cut, or let alone enjoy a cup of tea while it was still hot.

So when I was basically told that I looked like I needed a little ‘pick me up’, i.e you look like sh*t. I thought it's about time to slow down, recharge and spend just a little bit more time on 'me'.

Now when was I free again? This might be difficult ....

I finally found a treatment for brightening up exhausted, dull looking 'mum' skin without the use of needles and those expensive lasers! Turns out, the Intraceuticals facials & anti-ageing technology is THE best kept secret among many celebrity mums and make-up artists!

With a record 72 minutes & 35 seconds free in my supermum diary I booked myself in! After arriving at the Tracey Bell clinic I was whisked away and tucked up in to a serene treatment room. It was that peaceful I almost succumbed to mini mum nap! Whilst laying comatose with the treatment well underway I could feel life ebbing its way back in to my skin, pumping out the wrinkles from around my eyes. Even though I was completely relaxed, I could feel myself slowly re-energising. My skin was so hydrated and soft to touch that it felt like my face had been hooked up to an IV drip for a week!

This is a treat my skin and I will never forget. In fact, we're leaving the hints around the house in preparation for Mothers Day in a few months time. Tracey Bell's luxury Liverpool clinic is a little haven for mamas in need of a little escape every now and then. It's tucked away just off Hanover Street in the heart of Liverpool City Centre and is just one of the few places in the UK offering Intraceuticals facials and skincare. Prices start from £50 and I couldn't recommend this treatment enough for tired looking mamas in need of a little time out & tlc.

To book in for a facial please visit or email: 

Matcha Made in Heaven

Matcha Made in Heaven

If you're a reader of my blogs then you'll know that over Christmas I had a teeny weeny little health scare, that literally scared the bajeezus outta me! It not only had an emotional effect on me, but physically took its toll too! It felt like someone had pulled the plug on my energy levels.

Not what you need around Christmas.

So, out popped my Kris Carr un-cook book and enter a whole load of healthiness. I've always enjoyed trying out new things especially plant powered goodness. Luckily for me, someone out there was listening and an email popped into my inbox asking if i wanted to try out some new Japanese Matcha.

I've tried a few different healthy green powders before such as; wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, etc, but it never really occured me to try much else. I've heard people talk about ‘matcha’ a few times but never once thought to order it In a smoothie, never mind in a cup of tea. So, when the guys at ‘Kanuka' asked if I wanted to try a sample i thought why the hell not!

After doing a bit of research, it turns out this powder is a fucking supergod! Its like someone secretly bagged up the incredible Hulks dried skin and stashed it for tired mama's like myself!! This little wonder is packed full of antioxidants - the good free-radical fighting ones which target the bad toxins in the body especially that bloody 'C' one!! It blows all other antioxidant superfoods like goji berries, pomegranates, spinach and blueberries out of the water!

Lord knows how much I need to be hooked up to an IV of this green goodness.

Before the time Christmas arrived I'd already had 2 fake Christmas', 3 birthday parties, an engagement and that was just over one weekend with a whole load of booziness to go with it.

Thank god this little green powder arrived on my door when it did. I instantly felt re-energised and was even off running myself down to the gym on Christmas day (thats dedication for you!!)

Turns out that just two servings of matcha powder is all you need. I tried out a few different recipes and absolutely love the two i've posted below for you to try at home. One is for those early mornings where your body & brain need a little boost and the second is pick me up for those afternoon slumps.

Matcha Latte. Made with Almond milk (heated up with a vanilla pod + small dash of cinnamon) and mixed in with your matcha powder paste.

Mega Matcha. Freshly juiced ginger blended with pear, pineapple, avocado, spinach and two heaps of matcha powder.

Not only did they both taste amazing but they kept me energised and glowing all day, with that little extra spring in my step. 

To have a look in more detail about the benefits of Matcha then view here: or click here to get your hands on your very own Traditional Japanese Matcha Starter Set which comes complete with 40g pouch of Kanuka Japanese Matcha tea powder, traditional matcha whisk, bamboo measuring scoop and traditional matcha bowl. 

Enjoy guys! 

Be healthy & happy this year!

Love Mama x



I don’t think i’ve ever written anything a post like this before that gave me butterflies at every single tap of the keyboard. Words like this are normally tucked up safe in a secret letter penned to myself or deleted after the very last full stop.

Something told me not to.

I think it was the irony of celebrating ‘Titty Tuesday’ and our ‘Boobie Badges’ that tugged emotionally on the knots in my stomach and which is probably the reason why you’re reading this.

Yet nothing can prepare you for that stomach turning feeling you get when your usual morning shower and sly breast grope discover something 'unusual' that definitely wasn't there last week.

My daughter turned 2 in December and what a rollercoaster journey its been. Winging it is definitely an understatement. We happily celebrated a 17 month long stint of breastfeeding and ever since then my boobs have changed in shape, size, texture so many times.

In one of my old Titty Tuesday posts I talk about it being better to be safe than sorry, but when your faced with the dreaded C word its a cocktail of emotions that stir up the past, future and present.

My nana passed away from breast cancer at such a young age and one of my aunties has just undergone treatment for a third time! The bastard is just relentless. Needless to say it might be nothing. It could just be one of the changes in my breasts with recently having stopped breastfeeding. But the reality of this 'lump' just knocks the wind right out of you. In an instance your life flashes before your eyes and all you can see is your baby girl growing up without you.

Tales from a hypochondriac spring to mind, but when it's matters of life or death, you can't help but imagine the worst. I won't go into the details because your own imagination can render up the most darkest, deepest scenarios possible.

So, as I lay here in bed awaiting my prognosis at the hospital this week, I pray that no matter how big, small, irregular, unusual or irrelevant you think anything is - please go and see your doctor, not only for peace of mind but because early detection is key.

Don't put it off thinking it will go away. Your conscious won't let it.


Peace, love and a happy new year to you all!