About Us

M0THER was created in 2018 after I struggled to find a flexible role I could work around my daughter and her childcare. After first dipping my toe in the freelance world I noticed the demand in the market for freelance specialists in the marketing & digital industry and thought it would be a good idea to connect my network of business contacts to mums in the real world struggling to find work.

The seed for M0THER was planted when I was let go from my full time permanent role after returning from maternity leave, and my inability to commit to full time hours due to child care. Following this, I seemed to notice more and more how many highly skilled mothers were also forced out of work by their inability to commit to full time working hours.

It became a priority of mine to help as many mums work as flexibly possible around their families instead of just being a bum on a seat, all the while tapping into their creative skill set. My mission is to make mums the life and soul of M0THER, encouraging them to raise babies & businesses at the same time.

Fundamentally we mother the growth of businesses using a carefully curated selection of digital marketing, events, creative branding and social media specialities.

We work closely with clients to explore all corners of creative possibilities in order to come up with the best use of all available options and deliver successful digital, marketing & social media services.

We dissect brands and implement marketing strategies to promote overall business strengths, weaknesses & recommendations for the short, long term and interim.

We are dedicated to making our clients and freelancers fall in love with our work and work ethic.