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Mother Nature Yoni Steams

Mother Nature Yoni Steams are the perfect way to show yourself some self care and reconnect with your inner goddess. Our 100% organic vaginal steams are a mix of hand selected herbs and flowers infused with rose quartz crystals. 

This ancient practice has been known to to help:

+ Reduce Menstrual Symptoms

+ Hormonal Imbalances

+ Improve Fertility

+ Healing after childbirth

+ Ease Fibroids, Cysts & Endemetriosis

+ Haemorrhoids

+ Help Detoxify & Nourish Womb support after Miscarriage (to be used once bleeding has stopped. 

These steams are not to be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding or during the menstrual phase of your cycle. 

It's time to begin your journey of self-love and emotional healing.

100% Natural + 100% Organic Ingredients

How to use

Mother Nature Steams