Snooze Gift Box

Each Snooze Gift Box Contains:

Snooze Pillow

+ Snoozey is the softest cloud you will ever meet. She loves snacking on candy floss and pink marshmallows, anything fluffy and pink! Snooze has champagne coloured fur and embroidered sleepy eyes and face. These cushions are a fun way to brighten up bedtimes, nurseries, playrooms and sofas. Great for hugs and even better for naps. 

Sleepy Babygro

+ Zzzzz off to sleep with this simply soft, organic and adorable babygro for babies aged 0-3 months. 

HYP Candle

+ Delicately scented Lavender, Mandarin and Frankincense candle. To help unwind and support deep relaxation during and after pregnancy. Blended with oils known to support deep relaxation throughout pregnancy, helping to soothe tension, relieve anxiety and calm the mind.

Organic Grey Blanket

+ A gorgeous grey knitted baby blanket made from the new Wild Cotton collection is super soft and sumptuous. Made from the finest GOTS certified organic cotton and designed with a fine luxury knit to gently mould around your baby, helping to keep them feeling safe and secure. Lightweight and breathable helping to control baby's body temperature

Charcoal Facemask

+ This Dead Sea Mud mask contains a unique concentration of minerals to nourish skin. Coconut Milk to soften skin. Rice Bran to gently buff away dead skin cells and activated Charcoal to remove away impurities. It is a concentrated face treatment that removes dead skin cells and minimises pores. Enhanced with activated bamboo charcoal to help absorb impurities and detoxify.

Rose Clay Facemask

+ A Rose Clay facemask works to promote faster skin regeneration and to help stimulate circulation. Norwegian Sea Kelp helps to re-mineralize the skin. This is a multi-tasking face treatment that purifies, renews, and cleanses to balance excess oils and stimulate circulation to the ski