The 'Make A Mama Smile' Campaign

When a new baby enters the world, it gives many people especially new parents hope, happiness and a sense of purpose in life. Friends and family flock from all corners of the globe just to coo over your perfect little human. Hearts are blessed, bonds are formed and the love you feel inside for this little babe burns deeper than anything you've ever experienced before.

But, what happens when a new mum is made?

Emotions of sheer joy, happiness, anxiety, sadness to tiredness are experienced in a matter of hours. Brains are re-wired, priorities change and sometimes it can be difficult to pull yourself away as your new mothering instincts kick in.

You have to remember that you are still you and you have to make time for yourself and not get tangled up in the hive of emotions. If you are a new dad, new auntie, new grandma or godparent, just remember the signs to look out for and don't be afraid to be extra hands on giving mama some time away as she needs. Even if its just upstairs for a soak or in the next room for a hot cuppa! 

We wanted to launch our Make a Mama Smile campaign because sometimes in those early days, the Baby Blues or Post Natal Depression can rear its ugly head and make you question your own place on this earth rather than it being about your new mothering skills. 

I know were going a little deep here, but its something that many people don't like to talk about. But, Post Natal Depression is very common in new mums. Partly due to increased tiredness, pain of childbirth, exhaustion, sudden shift in responsibilities, oh and the tiny little newborn that is yours to feed and look after for the next 18 years! Yes, welcome to adulthood (is it too late to go back??!!)

We didn't realise it at the time ourselves, us women can be quite good at hiding things and then actually admitting it, but we were suffering with a little bit more than just the Baby Blues. So we know first hand just what a lonely, anxious, panic stricken and mentally exhausting time the start of your new mama journey can be. But don't worry, many women -including us, come out the other side smiling, with more love for our children than we ever thought possible. 

In a nutshell, the 'Make a Mama Smile' campaign is way of sending mums a bit of love, support and encouragement in the post- just to let them know how amazing we (and you) think they are. There's no better feeling than being recognised for how hard you work, whether it be at work, school, home or even for being the bestest friend or mama around!

*did we tell you how awesome you are?!

If you know a mama who could do with a little smile then please take the time to nominate them here and thank you for helping us to make the world smile, one mama at a time.

All mamas nominated will receive a card in the post from us telling them how awesome we think they are and one mama will be picked at random each month to receive a gift box.