I'm the Daddy Gift Box Contents

Each I'm the Daddy gift box includes:

Percy Nobleman Beard Oil

Introducing Percy’s Beard Conditioning Oil – a one-of-a-kind mix of the finest pure ingredients. Percy’s oil harnesses the natural goodness of Argan, Avocado, Jojoba and Almond Oils that leave your beard feeling softer than ever and as tame as can be. Not got a beard? Then don't worry as this all purpose oil can be applied to your beard and hair for styling, leaving it with a smooth finish. The best value beard oil on the market and will last up to 4 months

Wondermade Marshmallows

+ Every marshmallow is made with beer and sweetened with pure Penzey's™ vanilla extract. Each mallow is rolled in crushed pretzels, delivering a bite-sized taste of awesome

Fight Club Wash Block

+ The eucalyptus in this bright pink fight club bar makes for a morning scrub that'll wake any man up and set him up for a day of greatness!

92 Degrees Coffee

+ This coffee is 100% red catuai bean. Delivering a delicious chocolate hit with slight notes of liquorice and a whole lot of body. It makes for the perfect cup of coffee

Daddy's Socks

+ What does Superman, Batman and Spiderman all have in common? They all wear socks and our daddy is no exception. He is our sock wearing superhero! Black. One size fits all

Falcon Enamel Mug 

+ The classic Falcon mug design, manufactured from heavyweight steel and thicker enamel for extra durability. Perfect for those ad-hoc coffee moments when life and baby's nappy just gets too much!

Coco Baroque Chocolate Popcorn

+ Hand popped before being mixed will melted chocolate and left to set. Cut into shards and ready to eat. Fresh popcorn covered in chocolate. What could be better?

Guantanamera Minutos Cigar 

+ Are you celebrating a new baby or something? Sit back, relax, feet up and toast to your new arrival - well done you on your hardwork! New in 2009, the Minutos is the latest tubed cigar from Guantanamera. Made by using the best blend of tobacco leaves from Vuelta Arriba. Length: 4 3/8" (110 mm). Ring Gauge: 42 ring gauge

Daddy's Matches 

+ Daddy's always need matches and these are no exception! Expect them to be found in top pockets for constant reminding that you, yes you, are now an awesome daddy!