Lilypadz (Silicone Breast Pads)
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Lilypadz (Silicone Breast Pads)

LilyPadz's are a great alternative to conventional breast pads. Their ingenious design helps stem the flow of leaking breast milk between feeds, LilyPadz reusable nursing pads adhere to you, not your bra. They maintain gentle pressure against the nipple, forming a non-absorbent barrier to prevent breast milk leakage.

They act as a second skin protecting your nipple & the area around it from friction or signs of dryness. The silicon is amazing as it collects any leaked breast milk which moisturises & brings your nipple back to life. Please see packaging for further product information.

  • Prevents milk leakage
  • Adheres to skin
  • Reusable
  • Non-absorbent
  • Allows you to go bra-less

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