Lactation Cookies

You're probably looking at these cookies because like me you were a damsel in distress, a new mama at the end of her tether looking for ways to increase her milk supply and satisfy her new bambino. Well, let me put your mind at rest and tell you that these lactation cookies are a deliciously simple way of helping you to boost your milk supply naturally.

Lactation Cookies are cookies that contain natural galactagogues & ingredients that help maintain or increase your breast milk supply. Some women try herbal teas to increase mothers milk others try supplements or raw ingredients. But these freshly baked cranberry & oat lactation cookies have been specially made and tested to give your boobie just a little boost! 

Our secret ingredients have been recommended as a nutritional supplement for breastfeeding mothers as it helps combat fatigue & fight off the baby blues- it also relieves hypertension for some pregnant mothers. 

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