Lactation Tea (loose leaf)
Oh Me Oh Mama

Lactation Tea (loose leaf)

We love a good old wives tale here at Oh Me Oh Mama and our herbal lactation tea blend is just that. Made up of raspberry leaf, fenugreek, fennel, and dried lime pieces this tea is an ancient herbal remedy designed to assist your body in the natural production of your infamous ‘liquid gold’ aka breast milk. 

We all know nothing increases your milk supply like regular feeding, however this herbal lactation tea is perfect for giving your boobie juice a little boost for when baby is cluster feeding or going through a growth spurt. Especially designed around naturally increasing the flow of your milk supply and making your breastfeeding experience a happy one.

A blend so good its reserved only for mamas.

  • Aids babys digestion
  • Caffeine Free
  • Natural and Organic

*Not to be used during pregnancy as Fenugreek is known to induce contractions and preterm labour