Once upon an Afternoon ...

Once upon an Afternoon ...

3 weeks into the New Year and i think i've only just about recovered from the mind fuck that is Christmas. Which, by the way seems to be one never ending tinsel covered rush. Either you're dashing round shops, cooking, entertaining, fake smiling, working or trying to cram 2 weeks of work into one day before everyone leaves for the holidays. It's relentless.

I thought Christmas was meant to be the time for giving?

I think i gave up on Christmas quite early on. December didn't just feel like 'December' at all. Gifts were meaningless, smiles were hollow and my inner scrooge was starting to make an appearance, so when the opportunity arose to take an afternoon out for​ myself and do just nothing- i snapped it up with both hands.

Enter the Richmond Hotel and their very luxe 'Afternoon Tea'. 

Sitting in the cosy white booths, my buddy Kim and i nestled in for the afternoon and warmed ourselves against delicate cups of tea and tried to embrace the Christmas cheer, we tried once again with a couple glasses of Prosecco. Bingo!

This is what Christmas is about right? Enjoying time with loved ones. Not running round random shops, malls and adding every single sale item into your shopping basket that you 'think' someone might like!? Hopefully?! My bank account was £300 lighter and it had me thinking "Where has the true meaning of Christmas gone?"

I would rather spend an afternoon with my bezzie who I don't get to see that often, rather than receive a ton of unwanted, unnecessary (soon to be unused) presents surrounding the bottom of Christmas tree. I think time spent together, enjoying each others company over food and wine is the perfect gift as it's investing in friendships for months and even years to come. 

I had the perfect afternoon, with great food, great company and a greater appreciation for Christmas. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have money in their pockets or friends around them during this time of the year, so if you can give anything, the best gift you can give someone is - your time. When you take a step off the treadmill of rushing around - you will find that life is a much more happier place to be. 

Head over to the Richmond Hotel nestled quietly in Hatton Gardens for a mid-week escape from the hustle and bustle of city life - just one quick walk & taxi ride away. 

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