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Gym & Tonic

Did somebody say cake? 

So, I’m seventeen months into being a ‘new’ mum (I’ve decided to keep on calling myself this until baby no. 2 comes along), and after a good stint breastfeeding, operation Jelly Belly commences.

Gone are the good old breastfeeding days. Eating as much cake as you like, with the calories just seeming to disappear; I heard the rumours that breastfeeding helped fight off the baby weight and I prayed it was true. Seventeen months in and I can finally say: it’s true! What a shame that one day it all has to come to an end…

But my end is upon me. I dare not look at another lemon drizzle. One look at it’s glistening lemony glaze and I can feel it start to choke me with its calories. Never again am I to taste it’s bitter-sweet flavour.

Funny really, I’ve never had a penchant for desserts or snacks, but ever since my body was slowly tortured during child birth, my brain has been reborn with a new way of thinking and a new love of all things desserty.

Did you know desserts spelled backwards is ‘stressed’? Should we feel bad about eating cake? It’s practically meant to be. Surely.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that my pre-baby body  is a long and distant memory. So, I’ve enlisted the help of personal trainer, the Gym Bird, to try and help this cake-loving, gin-toting, prosecco-pushing mama see if she can whip away her baby gut and build some mediocre washboard abs before the start of summer.

Luckily for me, Ms Bird runs a selection of bootcamps, carefully created for broads like myself, to increase confidence, stamina and de-crank. The yoga session that concludes each bootcamp is amazing for us mama’s. A good stretch is much-needed after I’ve worked muscles I didn’t even know existed!

Therefore, in true homage to my ‘mama squad’, the Gym Bird has been kind to offer one mama a free 6 week course to her bootcamp. Simply sign up your interest here and we will notify the winner via email at the end of the month!

In the meantime, if you want to be on your way looking like a Victoria Secret model, download the Gym Birds Post-Natal Training Programme here.

Ta birds!