An Un-Mumsy Valentine

An Un-Mumsy Valentine

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I know one thing is for certain – a guaranteed date night with my darling other half. Not only do I now have to wait for special occasions for a rare night out these days, but it means that I have an excuse to ferry the little one off to her grandma’s for the night and spend the whole day pampering myself!

But what are us ‘new’ mums supposed to get ‘up to’ on Valentines day? What are the rules? Is it hubby or baby? Baby or hubby? Being a new parent certainly adds some stresses to your life, so I guess Valentine’s Day is the one day when you’re definitely allowed to take some time out – guilt free. Sometimes you just have to stop, smell the roses and remember the real reason why your little one is sandwiched in-between you both in bed – cupid and his pesky arrow, 9 bloody months ago!

It’s about equally sharing the sleepless nights, smelly nappies and sour milk spews. So make sure you turn the alarm off this Valentines day, remember the small things you used to do for each other and take full advantage of all the extra loves and kisses (don’t worry mums, you can take full advantage on Mothers Day – this one’s about sharing).

1. Breakfast in Bed: Do this one as a family and enjoy some extra snuggle time with a nice hot cuppa.

Love Notes: Put a smile on both your faces and hide random notes under his pillow, in his laptop, of course they don’t all have to be from you.

Homemade Valentines Card: Make heart shapes out of your little love bugs thumb prints and give to each other.

Oh who am I kidding… For those mamas who don’t like sharing and are looking for something extra special this Valentines Day, read below.

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