Oh Me Oh Mama Top Teething Tips!

Oh Me Oh Mama Top Teething Tips!

The last few weeks have been a killer, especially with Noa teething, and I’ve been the lucky one on the receiving end of sleepless nights, early morning starts, work, nursery runs and the dreaded Christmas rush! It feels like only yesterday I was happily celebrating the August Bank Holiday, and now somehow I’ve ended up in January 2016. No Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore, but bloody 2016!!

So, teething. Where were we… How does anyone cope without going insane?

Teething appears to be a difficult time for everyone – not just baby. In fact, even my poor dog Lola gets up and leaves the room when those pesky milk teeth start acting up! And sometimes I find myself not far behind her… But we all know teething is a natural process. Not necessarily one of my best phases so far,  but hey ho – it doesn’t last forever and there are lots of things out there to help.

At the slightest whimper of those swollen gums, here’s what I found worked for us:

1. Nuby Icybite Teething Keys

These worked for a while, until Noa realised she couldn’t eat them. This kid loves food so a food alternative was needed!

2. Annabel Karmel by NUK Ice Lolly Moulds

I am forever juicing and pumping in some way or another so decided to try a few frozen strawberry, banana and breastmilk ice pops for Noa to gnaw on. I found Annabel Karmel’s ice pop moulds were perfect and worked a treat!

3. Split Baltic Amber Necklace

Because I am a worrier by day and an anxious Annie by night, I decided to give the amber necklaces a try – but used it as a little anklet instead. It put my mind at rest and still had the same benefits as if Noa was to wear it around her neck or wrist.

The beads are made from amber (fossilised plant resin from the Baltic sea) and have been used for centuries to help with teething. It’s renowned for healing and anti-inflammatory properties. You don’t chew on the bracelets, just simply wear them as baby’s body heat triggers a teeny tiny amount of oil to be released from the amber. This oil is completely safe and has an analgesic effect on the stolen and sore gums. It’s not only good for babies, but toddlers and teenagers too as it helps with eczema, speed up wound healing and also stave off ear and throat inflammation, amongst other ailments. I would definitely recommend investing in one – they’re cheap enough just to give it a try.

4. Cheeky Monkey Organic Cheek Rub Oil for Teething

This little potion has been amazing from the first day I used it. As more of those pesky teeth tried to break through, I found that the arnica in this cheek rub took away the swelling and pain almost instantly.

5. Cuddles

Everyone always feels better after a cuddle. Mamas more than anyone!

All babies are different so be sure to seek professional advice should your baby's symptoms last more than a couple of days. Please note I am not a doctor or health practitioner just a new mama sharing my baby experiences with you all so far.