Relaxation for Mums this Festive Season

Relaxation for Mums this Festive Season

Now that Christmas is over, I’m guessing you’ll probably want to curl up into hibernation for the rest of the winter, cut all contact with the outside world and keep yourself and your baba tucked up all toasty for some serious r’n’r.

This Christmas, we had the pleasure of house hopping. Three houses before noon on Christmas day, plus a trip to see the in-laws over in Ireland on boxing day…yup, complete and utter madness! So, as you can imagine I’m currently on stage 1 of feet up, shoes off, facemask on, and a quest for peace and quiet… Ssshhhhhh!! Jeeeez, why cant a man do the dishes quietly?

1. Quick Getaway

If you’re not lucky enough to have in-laws for a quick jaunt away in another city or country, then fear not, call in that favour your bezzie has been promising you all year since the baby arrived. Tell her she’s on babysitting duty for one night and give her the name of secluded cottage retreat you’ve managed to snag for 60% off in the boxing day sale.

2. Right Man For The Job

Make sure you tell your other half you will need him for waiter, butler, concierge and massage duties.

3. Go It Alone

Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb

This might be best, as usually most of our time away is spent in the bathroom – pampering and beautifying ourselves. Of course, no shopping trip is ever complete without a visit to our favourite health and beauty store for a stock up on our favourite facemasks, exfoliators and bathbombs. Even the smell makes us instantly exhale – freeing up the tension in our arms from all the wine, cheese, snacks and other bits we just bought.

4. Be Super!

Super Elixir

After the debauchery of Christmas has subsided and you’re still feeling the effects of too much merrymaking, your body is probably in need of a magical super elixir. Elle Macpherson’s ‘Super Elixir’ does the job for us time and time again as it is packed with 45 key ingredients, including alkalising super greens and Chinese herbs which are designed to help support your digestive system all the way down to your cells, circulation and in turn boost your energy levels. All you need is just 2 teaspoons of it in your smoothie, juice, yoghurt or cereal and you’re good to go.
Not heard of it before? Not many people have, and it’s my own little piece of heaven! It does exactly what it says on the tin. I’m not vouching for anyone else here, but it’s given me back my pregnancy glow, my hair is fuller and my insides feel cleaner and more balanced – you know, your body is a temple and all that!

5. Smudge Me 

Had a lot of visitors over the festive season? Because I’m a bit weird, I know that people carry with them all different types of energy and most of the time negative energy lingers – yes, even in your lovely home! So, to truly relax I like to smudge and get rid of any nasty negative energy that may be hanging round. Smudging is a 2,000 year old Indigenous American practice, and the theory behind smudging is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears away takes the negative energy with it – perfect preparation for the arrival of a new baby, or new year. When done with intention and belief, smudging can be a relaxing and uplifting cleansing ritual.

Q. Where Can I Buy a Smudge Stick?
Oh Me Oh Mama is made for mums by mums and we know that all mamas need a little r’n’r sometimes. That’s why we created this gift box to help soothe and relax all new or expecting mamas! 

Oh Me Oh Mama Relaxing Gift Box

Q. Want to Know How to Smudge Properly?
To use, light the tip of the sage stick leaves and once lit blow them out quickly. You can either break up the smudge stick and use individual leaves or light the bundle to cleanse larger spaces. Natural smudging methods like white sage are perfectly safe to use during pregnancy. Ensure area is well ventilated and smoke is not directly inhaled. (Please note that white sage is not clary sage).