Oh Me Oh Mama Gift Guide for New Mums

Oh Me Oh Mama Gift Guide for New Mums

At last, December is here!!!! And it’s safe to say, December is the month of giving. However, it’s not always easy to pick the right gift. I mean, what do you get someone who’s just had a baby without buying more babygrows or vouchers??? As a new mama myself i want to share with you my gift guide for you lovely mamas out there. You can thank me later…

1. Lush Validation Facial

No doubt it’s been all about baby for the past 9 months, and the time has come where you just want some time for you – make that 90 minutes exactly of ‘you’ time. We had the pleasure of this facial being booked for us as a special post-baby surprise – and what a surprise it was! You get to pick out all your products and tailor the facial especially to your requirements. All you have to do is say the magic words and the amazing therapists at Lush will have you feeling great in no time at all. We promise you will end up leaving the place feeling a new woman! It’s so good that we’re even on first name basis with all the staff!

2. Marks and Spencers Cashmere Robe

I think it’s pretty safe to say that over the first few months of being a new mama, you’ll probably won’t want to leave the house as much as you used to – even more so now during the cold winter nights. It’s a good thing we discovered the comfiest dressing gown we’ve ever had the pleasure of snuggling into! You’ll be pleased to know its big enough for two and will have your tiny human off to sleep within seconds of his/her head snuggling into your chest.

3. Hello Bump! Relaxing Gift Box

Looking for a pamper parcel for expectant mama-to-be's? Don’t worry – Oh Me Oh Mama have it boxed! This gift box contains only the finest, natural and organic products from trusted and like-minded suppliers, leaving your body nourished, mind soothed and soul relaxed.

4. Joe and The Juice: Heartbeat

Forget tea and coffee, what new mums really need is a juice made fresh to order. These juices are packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals – everything a new mum needs to aid her recovering body! Our favourite is ‘Heartbeat’, made from beetroot, avocado, pineapple, banana and apple. This drink is ‘beeting’ with antioxidants and alleviates fatigue as it fortifies the blood and gets it pumping around your body. Did you know that Joe and The Juice do a loyalty gift card too? Just in case you can’t treat your nearest or dearest as often as you would like, this tiny piece of plastic would more than make up for it.

5. An hour of your time

This has to be the best present anyone could ever give a new mum: an hour of their time. An hour baby-free to wash, eat and most importantly, sleep!

Remember not all mamas are the same so try to find out what she really needs during this most special and early days.